We work with general contractors, commercial construction contractors, large residential developers, construction managers, and specialty trade subcontractors. Our combination of advisory and personal service will help set the foundation for your future growth and success.

Our industry professionals have significant experience providing a wide-range of services to the construction industry typically found only at a national firm.

We can help you with the following:

  • Develop methods of evaluating project profitability
  • Evaluate tax strategies for long term contracts
  • Design compensation and incentive plans
  • Prepare cash flow projections and budgets
  • Target key financials to present for surety and bankers
  • Analyze your accounting system and use new technology
  • Assurance and accounting
  • Indirect overhead cost rate audits
  • Tax return preparation
  • Local, state, and international taxation
  • Cost segregation and Section 263 expense studies
  • Planning for business transactions and succession
  • Mergers and acquisitions consulting
  • Review of internal control environments including information systems
  • Information systems selection and assessments